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12 Week Free Live Interactive Online Video Course27.01.2008

An introductory course in authentic Kabbalah - "Fundamentals of Kabbalah" - starts February 13, at the Online Learning Center.

This course contains text and technical study that will give you a firm basis in authentic Kabbalah.


What is Kabbalah?

Because it deals with fixed truths and universal principles it may be more correctly viewed as a science, a science that is felt by us as wisdom. It translates the architecture upon which all Creation is premised into an accessible guide that will profoundly enrich the life of the person who approaches it for the right reason. It contains the key that explains not only the way our inner and outer worlds are constructed, but why. It teaches a method that allows the spiritual seeker to live in exact accord with the guiding force behind the whole of reality and to work in the same way it does: with a higher creativity used only for the well-being and fulfillment of life. Kabbalah is called hidden because its purpose is to define and reveal our own and the higher nature that goes undetected by our senses... read

Course Description

The course is done live in streaming Windows Media Video. During the broadcast you will be able to interact with the instructor and submit your questions for discussion during the classes. Though the lessons originate live, recordings are stored on the site for review. You will also have access to films, Kabbalistic music and supporting texts and materials... read

Part one of our free online interactive courses explains the key to this long hidden wisdom, and provides a firm basis in the Fundamentals of Kabbalah revealing its methodology making clear its true purpose and use. Those who are interested can then move to Intermediate study (semester 2) after which they can join classes taught by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD - one of the world´s foremost Kabbalists


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